Wella Sales Meeting

A 2 day sales meeting for 60 persons. The main emphasis is to convey information, motivate the participants and strengthen the team spirit through activities and communication - in combination with the art performance group Drum Café and its artist Frank Pompé.

P&G - G2MR (Sales Meeting)

A sales meeting taking place in Frankfurt for 650 participants under the motto „G2MR – Go To Market Reinvention“. During this daytime event, several P&G product innovations are being presented on stage. The well-known NTV-host Carola Ferstl moderated this interesting and varied event.

P&G Team Building

A 2 day team building event for a group of 30 persons. Main themes are communication, leadership & change management. Arranging an interesting and entertaining day- and evening program.

P&G Interzoo

Designing an implementing a complete trade show appearance of the P&G pet care brands Eukanuba and Iams at the world’s biggest pet show, the Interzoo at Nuremberg. Besides constructing a 350 square meter booth, this 4 day event was accompanied by TV studio productions, live jazz band, and an anniversary party.

36th. DERTOUR Reiseakademie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The DERTOUR Reiseakademie is one of the best known sales promotions in the German travel trade and at the same time the most welcomed training event among sales agents from DERTOUR tourism agencies in Germany and the German speaking neighbouring countries. The academy serves for advancing the product knowledge of travel agents in two sessions and takes place since many years in tourism relevant destinations around the globe.